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Giveaway: One Winner A Day Will Win a #Turducken from @EchelonFoods 11/3-11/7

As part of the “Ready For The Holidays” cooking tour that I am on with Echelon Foods this Thanksgiving season, we have teamed up to give away this delicious Turducken full roast everyday from  November 3-7, 2014! There are two ways to enter to win. You can download the Momma Cuisine Mobile App on Google Play or enter to win below.

We will announce a winner daily from November 3-7, 2014 and ship a roast out to you in time for your Thanksgiving celebration!

About Echelon Turducken:

Our Original Turducken (TM) is a tasty beast. De-boned duck and chicken breasts are wrapped up with sausage stuffing into a whole turkey, also deboned except for wings and drumsticks. (Serves 12 – 15 Adults) Thaw, pop it into your oven, bake without basting, and then serve it to your guests with no need to carve or throw away bones! Easier than toasting bread, yet impressive and festive enough for any occasion.

See our handy Cooking Instructions for tips and preparation.

Available in two flavors of stuffing, you can either purchase your bird with Italian sausage stuffing (includes pork), or with chicken-apple-sausage stuffing.

Once prepared, amaze your dinner guests as you effortlessly slice off perfect portions from a completely boneless bird … slabs of pure meat sure to delight everyone at your table.

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