4 Types of Toast that Millennials Love

People are becoming more creative in the kitchen and gone are the days when people would have plain slices of bread with a layer of preferred spread. Nowadays, people are coming up with better ways to make toast. Some of these ideas are quite creative. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, the options to making toast are plentiful and everyone has their own favorite recipe. Millennials have been loving the different kind of toast and they have been scouring the internet in the pursuit of finding more ,alternative recipes to make using toaster ovens in their kitchen. However, there have been a few favorites for many millennials and below are the top four; 

Blueberries Toast
Who would ever think that blueberries could be used to make toast? If you love anything with blueberries in it from pancakes to smoothies and everything else, then you should try this toast. Millennials have been loving it and the good thing about it is that it requires few ingredients and is simple to make. There are different ways to make a blueberry toast but one of the simplest is the sugared blueberry toast which will only require vanilla extract, butter, sugar, lime juice, blueberries and of course slices of preferred bread.

Strawberry cream cheese toast
This one is easy: start by spreading butter to your bread slices, then add the desired amount of cream cheese on top. Layer your sliced strawberries on top and leave it at that or you can also take it a notch higher and instead make its roll-up version. Roll your bread slices flat with a rolling pin the spread your cream cheese and add your strawberry slices then roll your slices up. In a bowl whisk eggs in a mixture of cinnamon, milk and vanilla. Dip your rolls of slices in mixture then use a buttered skillet to fry them until they turn golden brown.

Garlic and mushroom toast
The garlic and mushroom toast is another perfect delight which is not as complicated. Mushroom on bread is surprisingly wonderful and the good thing is that this toast is easy to put together. All you need if slices of bread, Portobello mushroom, cream cheese, salt and butter. You will light fry the mushrooms with the cream cheese to make toppers for your bread.

Avocado toast

This is one piece of toast that almost everybody, and not just the millennials have gone crazy about. The good news is that there are many ways to make your avocado toast, whether you want it simple or a little sophisticated. One of the simplest ways to have it is to add slices or smashed avocado on top of your bread slices then sprinkle some salt and black pepper to taste. Instead of using plain slices of bread, toast them first and if you are looking for a toaster you can check Village Bakery for some of the best toasters. You can also make a bacon avocado toast, avocado toast topped with fried egg or the caprese avocado toast.

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