5 Easy Campfire Dinner Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

Spending time outdoors with your family is one of the best feelings in the world. What makes that time even better is a delicious meal that you can make right from your own campsite.

Many people might think it's difficult to have a quality mealtime while you're camping. But there are plenty of great recipes that you can still execute well without a fully-equipped kitchen. Keep reading to check out these 5 easy campfire dinner recipes to try during your next outdoor adventure.

1. Red Potatoes, Bacon & Eggs Scramble

This might sound like a breakfast dish but the truth is this classic combo is perfect for your campfire dinner. It super simple and can keep you full while you're exploring nature.

All you'll need to do is get your pan over a fire hot and simmer the butter until it melts. From there, add in your red potatoes until they start to get soft. You can place your bacon and eggs in the pan and cook it all until done.

2. Deluxe Grilled Cheese

Who doesn't love a classic grilled cheese included in their campfire dinner recipes? Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy this one.

This recipe has a spin on it to give it the "deluxe" status. Instead of just using one cheese, add in two more types of cheese and use sourdough bread to get more bang for your buck.

3. Savory Shrimp & Veggie Boil

If you want to experience some very easy cooking, try out some campfire foil recipes. This shrimp and veggie boil in foil is a great introduction to these types of meals.

All you need to do is add shrimp and an assortment of your vegetable preference and place them inside of foil. Seal the packet to cook over the fire and don't forget the old bay seasoning!

4. Parmesan-Crusted Catfish

Just the sound of this recipe will make your mouth water. All you need is a frying pan and camp stove to make it happen.

You can actually complete this savory cuisine in less than 20 minutes and it won't take long to prep at all. Check out this full recipe plus other campfire catfish recipes for your next trip.

5. Lemon Pepper Chicken & Buttery Green Beans

Here's another yummy meal that you can make foil packet style. Prep by seasoning your check with a lemon pepper spice then cutting green and yellow peppers to add to the foil. Place your seasoned green beans inside and add butter to the top.

Let this cook until the chicken is tender and done all the way through. Try not to let the green beans get too soft.
Try These Campfire Dinner Recipes for Your Next Adventure

Sharing a meal with your family is an irreplaceable feeling. Give them the experience of an unforgettable outdoor meal by trying one of these campfire dinner recipes on your next excursion.

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