6 Easy CBD Oil Snack Recipes

CBD oil snack recipes are something that you can create to work with your personal diet or routine.  Most people who are trying to create simple CBD snacks need a little bit of inspiration, and there are some options below that will completely change the way that you approach your diet.  Each step of the process could get you from breakfast to dinner, and you will eat better snacks that are truly good for your body.  Plus, you will not feel like you are spending all day trying to make these snacks.

1.  The Chocolate Bomb

The chocolate bomb is a great snack for you because it was intended to have coconut milk or another plated fat.  There are a lot of people who make the chocolate bomb with their CBD oil in the chocolate mix, but there are others who will actually use their oil inside the fat filling.  It all depends on what you want, or you could put the CBD oil in both the outer chocolate layer and the filling.

2.  The Honey Wafer

The honey wafer involves your favorite crackers that have a nice CBD infused honey in the middle.  This is a great cracker to eat because you an make it like a sandwich or eat it open-faced.  Someone who would like to make these wafers can use any cracker they want, but a CBD infused graham cracker would be a great option.  

3.  The Meatless Wrap

The meatless wrap involves a soft and very thin wrap that you have bought for this purpose.  You will use the sauce that you spread on the inside to house the CBD oil, and you can make any combination of condiments that you would like.  When you want to put the CBD oil in, you can mix it some more so that you will have the CBD in this simple wrap.  Plus, you can use the meatless wrap as a way to eat entrees at dinner or serve them as appetizers.  

4.  The Recovery Soup

The recovery soup should be your favorite vegan broth so that you can then add a bit of your CBD oil to it.  Of course, you could start to add vegetables to your soup to ensure that it will give you a much more filling soup.  This is the best thing to make when you need to get over a sickness or want to have something very warm.

5.  CBD Crackers

Putting CBD oil in your cracker mix means that you can make literally any cracker that you want.  Mix up your cracker mix with any spices or seasonings that you need, and you can finish off these crackers by rolling them thin and baking them in the oven.

When you are making CBD recipes, you will feel much better knowing that you have something to eat that is good for you and very easy to make as well as working at any time of day.

6. CBD Gummies

CBD-Infused Gummy bears are a popular way to ingest CBD (Cannabidiol), not only are they tasty, but you know exactly how much CBD you are getting per serving. Here is a good review on the best CBD Gummies around.

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