5 Mediterranean Inspired Salads to Start The New Year with Wild Garden

New Year, New You with Wild Garden

It’s 2017, which means it’s officially time to look your resolutions right in the face! In all honesty, our favorite resolutions have very little to do with changing something about yourself (ex: losing weight), but rather doing something for yourself or someone else. This can include trying new things, learning new skills, saving more
money, and most importantly living a healthier life!

Those can seem like really vague goals, but thanks to the “Taste of the Mediterranean” line from Wild Garden, you can commit to literally all of them - easily! Heat & Serve Pilafs are seasoned hearty grains cooked to perfection with authentic spices and vegetables. It comes in a handy pouch that’s ready to eat in only 90 seconds. The Pilafs can help you be more adventurous in the kitchen... maybe you’ve never tasted Mediterranean flavors or you’re just afraid of cooking in general! Either way, if you start with Wild Garden Pilafs, you don’t have to worry about buying individual seasonings or hunting down healthy recipes that actually taste good. All you have to do is heat and eat so it’s perfect for a busy lifestyle. It’s so easy!

But the best part? These pilafs are a great way to eat healthy and stay on track by creating habits that will stick with you throughout ALL of 2017, not just January. They’re a great base for tons of veggies and lean proteins, plus they use whole grains like bulgur which happens to be low in fat, high in fiber and a great addition to an anti-inflammatory diet.
Okay you’re interested, what kind of recipes are we talking about? Let’s discuss them!

The only cooking involved here is searing some eggplant, otherwise heat the pouch, chop some tomatoes and basil, and you’re pretty much done. The perfect side dish!

Hellllooo perfect lunch salad! This hearty salad has greens but the couscous, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes make it SO much more filling. Plus, apples and apple cider vinegar? Yum!

Even though Rice and Lentils taste amazing on their own, this recipe takes a brighter approach with mint, cilantro and parsley, along with tomatoes, avocado and a flavorful tart dressing.

We’re talking about Mediterranean, so why not add all the traditional flavors to one dish? Bulgur, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, peppers, feta. The gang’s all here!

There are few things better than the smell of caramelized onions in your kitchen, especially on a cozy winter night. Instead of adding them to soup with tons of bread and cheese like the French, pair them with couscous and tomatoes instead! 

These recipes are all available on the Wild Garden website right now - AND recipes are added year round! So, next time you’re at the grocery store, check out Wild Garden Heat & Serve Pilafs and keep an eye out for Wild Garden Quick Marinades (they make cooking meat and veggies tastier than ever). Who knows, you might take it home, try these recipes and LOVE it! And if you do, make sure you tag your photos with #WildGardenEats so we can see your tasty creations. Happy Cooking and Happy 2017!

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