Asian Spicy Sauce Recipes

Do you often get intrigued by the complex flavours of Asian cuisine? It goes by default that it’s your all-time favorite, and of course, who can resist these absolutely delicious dishes. However, ever wondered what’s that signature taste that sets it apart? That distinctive taste is at times beyond description as its sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, all at the same time. That irresistible zing.

Let us recreate that magic of the Asian menus, right in your own kitchens, with just the right flavor notes. If you have tried earlier and failed, do not fret. Its time to sharpen your culinary skills as we unravel for you the 5 best Asian condiments and their recipes.

Chilli Sauce

The sriracha and the chili garlic remain the most popular ones. Sriracha goes well with almost everything – noodles, pizza, or even a slice of bread. It is made from a paste of fresh red chilies, garlic, salt, and distilled vinegar. Add a little sugar while it is still on the burner.

The chili garlic oil combines the crunch of roasted garlic with a paste of fresh chilies, white vinegar, sugar, and sesame oil. The striking taste comes from the mild and yet dominant garlic flavor, and that’s what makes it popular over other variants of chili sauces.

Mayo Sauce

To make spicy mayo sauce, all you need is a few essential ingredients that most of us already have in the fridge. You can make a little adjustment in the ingredients as per your taste and preference. You will need mayonnaise, sriracha, lime juice, Cajun seasoning, or any other favorite seasoning of yours to prepare it.

It will take less than 4-5 minutes to make spicy mayo sauce. All you have to do is easy whisking of all the ingredients. Whisk it well such that it mixes well and gives a consistent texture. You can bring a little change by adding a bit of taco seasoning to it.

Fish Sauce

Many call it “liquid umami” as well, but whatever name you call, the fish sauce can notch up your dish like no other. This brown shade pungent sauce is made with the fermentation of fishes like squids or anchovies in sea salt and water. Press it, strain it and its done. The strong smell is repulsive for many, but after all, you have to use only a few drops in your preparation. The sauce brings a distinct salty and fishy taste to your dish that everyone loves.
It is best to use it with dishes with a strong flavor such that it does not overpower the original taste.

Oyster Sauce

You can prepare it by adding oyster sauce concentrate on a mixture of salt, sugar, and cornstarch. It is popular and brings a fantastic taste when looking to add a salty-sweet twist to your stir-fried dishes. The thick consistency of the sauce does not require it to be boiled with other ingredients.

It is best to add this sauce to your dish when it is almost cooked. Use it with sesame oil in noodles or chicken stir-fries.

Tamari Sauce

Many consider it a healthy version of the traditional soy sauce. It is gluten-free, and any authentic tamari sauce is 100% soy. It is less sweet in taste and has a rich flavor with a darker hue. Although both tamari and wheat soy sauce is made from fermented soybeans, it’s the tamari sauce that comes with a balanced taste and is less harsh. It is commonly used in Asian and many of the European and American cooking to bring that unique savory flavor to your dishes.


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