Best Coffee Cocktail Recipes You Can Try To Stun Your Houseguests

Best Coffee Cocktail Recipes You Can Try To Stun Your Houseguests

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Coffee cocktails are a hit during the summer months. Be it coffee-flavored liquors, espresso vodka, or the likes, there is always going to be a steady demand for caffeinated cocktails. Today we have listed some of the best coffee cocktail recipes which can quench your cravings for both coffee and alcohol in a single drink:

  1. Long Island Iced Coffee

Our list starts with the one drink which brings back memories of those trippy nights. This creamy drink offers the right punch of coffee while encompassing your senses with the blend of Kahlua, Baileys, rum, vodka, and tequila. The deliciously boozy Long Island Iced coffee can serve as the perfect after-dinner cocktail and can be made in just 5 minutes. You can make this drink by adding some ice to a cocktail shaker alongside coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, tequila, rum, vodka, and cold brew coffee. This mixture will have to be shaken vigorously before being strained into a glass over ice. 

  1. Coffee Brandy Alexander Cocktail

The classic Alexander comprises crème de cacao, cognac and cream. It punches in vanilla notes and wonderful milk chocolate for a creamy and sweet taste. You can make the coffee version by adding a splash of coffee liquor. 

  1. Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail

Get some caffeine into your system during the scorching summer months with a delicious cold brew drink that brings along a sweet flavor. Bourbon renders excellent results in coffee cocktails by cutting through the bitterness and acidity. The dark flavors of coffee are beautifully complemented by the caramel and vanilla notes of bourbon. Next, you can add a dash of dark maple syrup for a sweet note and orange liqueur for brightening up the cocktail and infusing a tangy punch. For a rich creaminess, you can top the drink with some heavy cream and get ready with a gram-worthy cocktail having a classic latte look.

  1. Mexican Coffee Cocktail

Start your day with this three-ingredient cocktail which is a favorite of coffee lovers across the globe. For making this cocktail, you will require ounces of freshly brewed coffee, ½ ounce tequila, 1-ounce Kahula, and ground cinnamon, whipped cream, and cinnamon stick for garnishing. Tequila and Kahula will have to be combined in a mug to which you will have to add hot coffee and stir the mixture gently. Next, you will have to do the garnishing and enjoy the brew. 

  1. Frothy Whipped Coffee White Russian

Enjoy this new take on the classic cocktail which blends in the taste of coffee with vanilla and the right touch of creaminess. You will simply have to mix instant coffee, hot water, and a hint of sugar until it resembles whipped cream. Honey can be used as an alternative to regular sugar for light and extra fluffy texture. Now fill in a cocktail glass with ice, a touch of Kahlua, a splash of vodka, and some vanilla. Pour the mixture of milk and give it a good stir. Add a dollop of the whipped coffee over the cocktail and allow it to slowly sink to the bottom before stirring the whole thing again. 


Amaro Nonino serves as a common ingredient in coffee cocktails courtesy of its bitter taste. It delivers a caramel-like finish with subtle hints of spice. But if you are not very fond of this unique flavor, then you can try any other substitute for amaro nonino.

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