Different Types of Mixes for Tequila and Vodka Drinks

If you want to have a twist with your tequila, you could definitely get creative with the help of three-ingredient cocktails. On its own, this drink is already delicious, primarily if you have obtained it from the best manufacturers. A high-quality and 100% agave spirit doesn’t need many other mixes to complement its spicy, sweet, and herbal flavors.

However, if you mix two alcoholic beverages like vodka and tequila, you can concoct some delicious drinks for your guests on a summer night without exerting much effort. For an added twist, you might even consider incorporating one of the best CBD oils to enhance your cocktail experience. Some may even wonder which one is better when it comes to vodka vs tequila or if one of them is healthier than the other. You can read reviews about the two in the link provided. In the meantime, here are some cocktails that you may want to try.

Three-Ingredient Drinks For You

Tommy’s Margarita

This cocktail drink will let the tequila shine better. For one, Tommy’s margarita is very minimalist and will let you experience a crisp and tart flavor. You wouldn’t have to worry about the orange liqueurs. Simple sweeteners like honey, agave and simple syrups will do, and you can combine them with reposado and fresh lime juice. If this is your first time learning about mixing, you may want to know this dangerously enticing party starter.

·         1/2 ounce of sweetener like agave syrup

·         1 ounce of freshly squeezed juice of limes

·         2 ounces of tequila

Mix all the ingredients. Put them in a shaker and add ice. Shake well and chill. Strain the entire mixture on fresh ice, and you have the option to garnish with salt.  Read more about making other cocktails on this site here.

Tequila Negroni

This is the boozy type which is considered a classy drink. This can be a fun drink at luxurious parties, and it’s often served in chic glasses. You may want to enjoy this during holiday mayhem, office events, and other parties where everybody can actually listen to what you’re saying. Get valuable intel from your boss or co-worker with this ideal prelude.

·         An ounce of bitter orange aperitivo or Campari

·         1 oz. of sweet red vermouth

·         A single ounce of tequila

In a lowball glass, combine all the ingredients with ice. Chill and stir slightly. Dilute the mixture, and you’re good to go.

Tequila Sunrise

Even if you see this drink in many cruise ships and movies, it’s still a thing to serve tequila sunrise during a party in your home. This is pretty tasty because it’s made of sweet and organic orange juice and grenadines. This is one way to introduce this delicious drink to your unaccustomed friends. With beautifully-designed custom liquor pouches, you can even turn this hobby of mixing alcohol and spirits into a bustling business. With the tasty and strong flavors, the shy ones will be partying hard before long.

·         3 to 4 ounces of freshly squeezed orange juice

·         1 to 1 ½ oz. of tequila

·         1/2 oz. of grenadine

In a tall glass filled with ice, combine the orange juice and tequila together. Stir slightly to combine. Afterwards, add the grenadine that has a deep red color. Watch this sweet and tart non-alcoholic bar syrup sink to the bottom and see the tequila rise. Overall, the sight is pretty, just like a legit sunrise, and don’t forget the fun that comes with it.

Bloody Maria

This is a better version of the Bloody Mary, and you can replace the tequila with vodka. This is a rule of thumb that can apply to any drink that you want. Combine the vodka with a splash of spicy tomato juice and see the results. It’s not surprising that this is a brunch staple in many events. Add Clamato or Worcestershire to the mix, and you’ll be amazed at the results. Learn more about vodka in this link:

·         A Mix of Bloody Mary or 3 oz. of tomato juice

·         Tabasco for additional taste

·         An ounce and a half of vodka

Place all the ingredients inside a tall glass with ice. Combine them well. Enjoy this fantastic brunch!

Vodka Gimlet

If you’re looking for some spin, you may want to try the retro cocktail, which is the Vodka gimlet. There’s this chic vibe and refreshing flavors that have a smooth taste. You can serve a splash of soda water with this or swap this with the regular gin. Here’s how:

·         Lime Juice

·         Maple or Simple Syrup

·         Vodka

Add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake thoroughly and strain. Garnish with a wheel or lime wedge.

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