DIY Salmon Poke Bowl

This recipe is exclusive for Kenmore appliances. 

The Hawaiian favorite poke bowl is all the rage on the mainland and I can see why! Fresh delicious salmon on top of sticky sushi rice with an array of vegetables and toppings make this bowl a meal full of textures and flavors I can’t get enough of!

The first thing about an awesome poke bowl is getting salmon that is fresh. In the market, make sure you ask your fish monger for sushi or sashimi grade salmon so that you know you’re getting the absolute best and freshest fish.

Then, the sauce and marinade is key. It’s not hard and I bet you already have the ingredients sitting in your fridge and pantry.

Last are the toppings and vegetable sides that create a full meal. I love the addition of mangoes or pineapple for that tropical flavor and sweetness that lends itself perfectly with the salty marinade. I also love the addition of raw radishes and carrots for that crunch and peppery taste of the radish. Not to mention that pop of color in your poke bowl that is mouth watering!

The rest can be a mix of sautéed greens. Don’t be afraid to use what you like and have! Other options are roasted or grilled vegetables, or pickled vegetables.

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