Healthy Breakfast Options while Staying Quarantined

‘The year 2020 is like the famous bully of our high schools, too many expectations but too hard to handle!’ 
COVID-19 or Coronavirus, as we obviously know, must have taken on your summer body resolutions and wanderlust fetishes. Quarantine is definitely having some adverse effects on not just our daily routine but our dietary intake as well. But, once we are allowed to step out of self-isolation, do we really want to look like the Fat Thor from Endgame? No! So, instead of gauging on to the jumbo pack of crisps, why not try some healthy but tasty options?

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Taking note of how crucial a Good Diet is for your health, especially when the immune system needs to fight back, we have curated a list of healthy breakfast options that you can relish while staying Quarantined.

Honey and Banana Pancakes

‘As we limit our access to nutrition, we limit our access to healthy living’. 

Because we are talking about the most important meal of the day- Breakfast, we must count in a dish which has the correct amount of Proteins, Fibre, and Fats. Pancakes, by far, are the easiest and most delicious breakfast option you can add to your diet. You can either choose whole wheat or plain flour to make Pancakes. Nonetheless, whole wheat pancakes win the nutrition test as they have higher portions of Calcium and Iron. Also, do not skip adding Honey and Banana on the top to complete the meal. In this way, your body will consume a decent amount of good proteins and vitamins. 

Chef’s Tip: If you do not really enjoy this combination, you can replace Honey with Chocolate or Maple syrup and experiment with any other fruit like Blueberries, Strawberries, etc. 

Fresh Fruit Juice

‘It is better to be strategic about ingredients and combine fresh food items.’

When we say Fresh Fruit Juice, we are not talking about canned juices. Freshly extracted fruit juices will induce weight loss, boosts the immune system, and also helps in digestion. You can use any seasonal fruit like Apples, Oranges, Watermelons, etc. and make a glass juice of nutrients for your breakfast. Or, make yourself a  refreshing cooler drink from fruits to satiate the isolation struggles.

Did you know? Canned fruit juices have high sugar content and some antioxidants which can be very harmful to your body. It is advised that one should avoid consuming any canned juice or drink.

Pasta with Vegetables and Chicken/Meat

‘Healthy food can never be Tasty? No, Healthy food is the most delicious food.’

Here is something for the cheese lovers. Food items like Pasta, Lasagna, Cheese, etc. can also be healthy until it is consumed in the right quantity. Adding sauteed Pasta with Vegetables and Chicken or Meat can actually fill your breakfast bowl with good nutrients. Vegetables like Broccoli & Tomatoes are rich in potassium and fiber, Chicken gives sufficient proteins to the body; combined together, these food items form a perfect breakfast option. 

Health Tip: The Vegetables along with Pasta must be sauteed and not fried. If you have an option, go for wheat pasta and olive oil to further increase the richness of your healthy meal.

Egg, Bacon and Bell Peppers Stew

‘Remember, habitual consumption of a healthy breakfast stimulates the good enzymes in your body and automatically increases immunity.’

A stew is basically a combination of vegetables and meat slow-cooked in a gravy. It is really savored as an Italian dish. It is cooked with a lot of vegetables and other solid food ingredients which are quite affluent with useful Protein and Vitamins. Adding a well-cooked Egg, Bacon and Bell Peppers Stew to your breakfast table is a great option. In case you do not have all the necessary ingredients, you can give yourself leverage and order the requirements from the food delivery portals such as Uber Eats USA which are offering advanced delivery systems for ingredients, ready meals, and other necessities.

Choosing to order food? Careful: If you are planning on ordering food online, do not forget using the ‘content-less’ delivery option to keep yourself safe. 

Mushroom & Chickpeas Patty Sandwich

‘Cravings can be turned into good meals.’

Sandwiches are one of the most enjoyed breakfast alternatives you can make in Quarantine. Sandwiches can be easily made with ingredients available at your home and taste very fulfilling. Make a patty with sauteed mushroom, chickpeas, onion, garlic, and a small amount of oil. Vegetable Patties for sandwiches and burgers can be counted as a healthier option. But, you can also use Chicken or Meat to make the patty. Try mixing up as many varieties of vegetables as you can to not just add nutrition to the plate but also add a great flavor. 

Chef’s Tip: While making the patty, one must use grilling or stir-frying technique to make sure that the health factor is not entirely compromised with taste. Also, avoid using the fat parts of chicken or meat.

Every day, we are waking up to the same questions- What Next? What could be worse than this? How long do I have to stay in? Amidst the chaos and frantic environment, serve your body with the right food items. To boost your immunity, incline towards healthier options and avoid consumption of fattening food such as Chips, Crisps, Pizza, and more. When everything is going wrong, focus on what should be right! Stay safe, stay healthy.

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