Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers with El Sol Foods

Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers with Turkey Nachos!

Thanksgiving, a time when families and friends reunite to socialize and catch up on what they’ve been up to, and what’s new in life since the last reunion.  Seeing all those relatives can be a bit stressful so it doesn’t hurt having a huge turkey feast together to break the ice and keep everyone in joyful spirits.  What’s even better than spending Thanksgiving eating lots of food, or explaining to your aunt why you no longer date that same girlfriend?  

The calm after the storm when you wake up the next day and you have all that extra turkey just waiting to be put it to good use, and what better way to have some absolutely delicious comfort food than making your deserving self a hefty plate of turkey nachos!  You might be thinking after all you ate the day before, maybe you should take it easy, but that poor logic and you're lying to yourself.  
Whether Thanksgiving is one of your favorite holidays, or one that you get through on the edge of your seat, one thing is for sure, the holiday can take a lot out of you. This is why you not only deserve, but most likely need to make sure you eat these delicious nachos, so you can recover and enjoy some quality relaxation.  

Turkey nachos are great to eat with El Sol Salsa by yourself or share with others because they are easy to pick at so simple to prepare, which is what makes them a great snack plate to put out for the kids or house guests you are with the next day.  

Turkey nachos are simple to make, and hard to dislike.  Here at El Sol Foods, the recipe we like to use is Skinny Taste’s take on this seasonal favorite, which only requires 15 minutes to prepare!  Have any of you tried turkey nachos?  If you have, feel free to let us know what your recipe looks like!  Would you share these with your friends and family, or keep a safeguard on this sacred creation? 

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