Top 10 Dishes for Student Party

What comes to your mind when you think of college or university dishes? Do images of fridge leftovers and instant noodles pop up in your mind? To a great extent, your imagination is right but this does not have to be the case. You can make delicious and sumptuous meals with basic foodstuffs that are available in the market. This article, prepared for you by professionals from write my essay paper service, will give you tips on dishes you can use to host a student party. However, if you have too many tasks to work on and you want to enjoy your party, consider contacting an essay writing service and let them write your assignment for you.

Mushroom Risotto

If you want to host a student party and leave a lasting impression on your friends, then Mushroom Risotto is your dish. This is a dish that is easy and fast to make. The ingredients are available and easy to use. All you need is to:

- Chop an onion, mushrooms and crush garlic cloves. 

- Melt some butter in a pan and add your onions. 

- Add the mushrooms and garlic while you stir the mixture over medium heat. 

- Add your risotto rice and then add your vegetable stock and stir until the liquid evaporates. 

- After, turn off your heat and sprinkle salt and pepper and serve. Every now and then, you can experiment with different ingredients like prawns, chicken or different veggies that you fancy.


Sushi is a must have for any student party. It is an easy college meal to make and it will leave your taste buds asking for more. The main ingredients for this Japanese dish are sushi rice, sea weed sheets, some vegetables, sugar and salt. You can choose to add fish once in a while. 

Butternut Squash Ravioli

This dish always makes for an easy dinner to make that any student should try. The recipe is very easy to follow and the ingredients are not expensive or hard to get. The main ingredients are butternut, onions, garlic, salt and pepper. If you manage to pull this recipe off, your friends will be asking for a second helping. The moist, sweet and nutty taste will amaze you. You can have some salad on the side to accompany your dish. 

Halloumi Flatbreads

Are you a fan of flatbreads? Are you a veggie who loves Halloumi fajitas? Then you should try Halloumi flatbreads because it is an easy meal to make for one person. The super simple wraps of salty halloumi, hot peppers and fried crispy onions only take about 20 minutes to make. Try to experiment with different ingredients each time you make this dish because this will guarantee that you get a different taste each time you prepare one. 



What other meal for college students beats a burger? Noodles? Without a doubt home-made burgers are the best. In fact, some people find them better tasting than most burgers in fast foods. The main ingredients of this dish are buns, mayonnaise, onions, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. The beauty of home-made burgers is that you can add any toppings you like and you can use the cheese that you love.  

One-pot chili pasta

This is one meal that most students already have the main ingredient somewhere in their kitchen cabinet. As you know the main ingredient of this dish is spaghetti or macaroni. Other ingredients include onions, meat, garlic and oil. You can add kidney beans to the food if you wish to. This meal can feed a lot of people if you decide to throw a party for your friends and I guarantee that they will yearn for more. Do not let assignments prevent you from having a good time. You can pay for essays online and this will ensure that you get some free time to unwind with your friends. 

Cheesy ham & broccoli pasta

Cheesy ham and broccoli pasta is one meal that will blow your taste buds off the roof. This is a must-have recipe for college students and the beauty of it is that it is easy to make. The meal takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. Hence, this makes it a good meal to prepare on any of those busy school days. Yes, macaroni and cheese may be your favorite meal but if you would love to have something more and tastier, then you should try out this meal. 

Burrito bowls

College students are under a lot of pressure and at times, it becomes difficult for them to get an hour to prepare a healthy meal to eat. This causes most of them to eat unhealthy foods that are of no good to them. But, this should not be the case. Burrito bowl is a delicious meal that you can prepare within 10 minutes. All you need is fresh veggies, creamy chipotle drizzle, and leftover rice or pasta. Mix these ingredients together and you will love the outcome. You can experiment with different veggies each time you make this meal and so it is advisable that you have one of the best grocery list app for 2020. It will help you know which vegetables are available to use.

Home Pizza

All college students should try making home-made pizzas. They are both fun and easy to make. And, with this meal you can carter for the needs of both veggies and meat eaters. Most pizzas take under an hour to make, so it is a good meal to make in the evenings. Home pizzas will allow you to have a taste of both worlds in that you can come up with a pizza that is pepperoni on one side and full of your favorite veggies on the other. Who wouldn’t love that?

Double bean & roasted pepper chili

If you call yourself a veggie, then this is the meal for you. Double bean & roasted pepper chili is a healthy meal that packs a lot of nutrients and flavors in one dish. You can serve this meal with either yoghurt, tabasco sauce or soured cream. Well, you may say school work is impeding you from eating healthy, but that should not be the case. You can now order pre written essays at Essay Kitchen for get excellent essay examples. Doing this will free up time for you to cook up a healthy meal for yourself.

The food that you eat in college can be basic but that does not mean it is should be boring and unhealthy. There are many meals that you can make that are healthy and do not take a lot of time. Experiment with different ingredients when you can and in the end you will find that college life will become more enjoyable.

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