Great Everyday Meals Recipe Show is moving to Dailymotion

Great Everyday Meals Recipe Show is moving from YouTube to Dailymotion starting in November 2013

I am so excited to share that the Great Everyday Meals Recipe Show is now going to be broadcast on My YouTube Channel will continue to run and have free videos, as will my channel on Dailymotion. The only difference is the GEM Recipe Show will now be on a subscription basis of .59 cents per video and accessible as much as the viewer wants for 48 hours.

Also, Momma Cuisine will soon have it’s own TV channel through Dailymotion and Opera TV,  a web streaming platform. “Video has proven to be the most popular app category for Smart TV audiences, and it’s no wonder, as larger TV screens can bring viewers up close and personal with their favorite online content,” says Aneesh Rajaram, Senior Vice-President for TV & Devices, Opera Software. “Opera TV Snap will help brands and content owners effortlessly reach new audiences, while bringing a greater choice of popular video to viewers”

“The big screen is a fast growing new territory for online video, and Dailymotion is proud to provide a new tool to its content partners to benefit from that growth,” says Vincent Martin, VP Media Development. “The Opera TV Snap solution is a good example of Dailymotion’s strategy to simplify distribution and exploit content across all screens and platforms. And, for our users, it will be even easier to find their favorite content directly on their Smart TVs.”

This is very exciting for my own brand, as I work to reach more and more audiences across the nation and worldwide. I hope that you join me and follow me on Dailymotion to get the latest exclusive premium Great Everyday Meals recipes!

Here’s an example of how the Great Everyday Meals Recipe Show will be presented on my Dailymotion channel:

Thank you allowing me to continue to share Great Everyday Meals with you all! Join me!

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