{Great Everyday Meals} Strawberry Butter Video Recipe @Kenmore #Cookmore

Strawberry Butter Recipe by Momma Cuisine. Video produced and sponsored by – by Kenmore.

One of the best reasons why I love creating Great Everyday Meals for my loved ones is knowing that we are making memories together, where even the food becomes memorable.

If you think back to memories of the past and the food surrounding it, it’s always Nona’s pasta, Mom’s casserole, Dad’s awesome barbecue, or a simple baked bread made by friend and gifted during the holidays. This simple Strawberry Butter recipe can be a part of those memories and traditions that you serve for your breakfast or brunch events.

Why not switch it up by turning it into cranberry butter over the holidays, or pineapple butter during a summer barbecue. It can be anything you’d like, and totally seasonal!

Watch this video and see just how simple you can make your own fancy version of butter at home! ENJOY!

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