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Jennifer Evers (@3girlsmomma19) is well aware of how big the world is, yet how connected it can be: she’s a savvy global traveler and an expert in social media. Her writing rounds out her triple-tiered resume.


Kimberly Elam (@KimmersIceCream) is an Iowa Hawkeye and graduate of Ice Cream University who grew up in Batavia and has been savoring all things ice cream since she was a toddler. She worked in an ice cream shop all through high school and studied business and entrepreneurship in college. Her professors told her “do what you love” and she took them literally, attending Ice Cream University right after her graduation from Iowa. She bought the former Gramps Frozen Custard in St. Charles in October 2010 and has been making ice cream history ever since.


Embracing her Latin culture and the love for her mother’s cooking,Evelyn  Rivera was inspired to create Muchacha Salsa. Evelyn’s flare for adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that is the recipe thatgives Muchacha Salsa its authentic taste, which will have you comingback for more!


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