{Momma Cuisine Show} Episode 5: Bella Luna Cafe & How To Make Pasta Carbonara

I am so excited about Episode 5 of the Momma Cuisine Show, as it is my very first on location feature, highlighting Bella Luna Cafe. A huge part of why I love to cook is the almost ten years I have spent in my career in the restaurant industry. Although not concentrated in the kitchen, spending years putting on the production that is the experience of dining out has caused me to love and learn how to cook even more!

In the Momma Cuisine Show, I have decided to go around Chicago to visit local eateries, talk with local food artisans, farmers, foodies and cover local food events at least once a month. Creating Great Everyday Meals is not easy; and all of you who do it know what I mean. I believe that inspiration for home-cooked meals can come from anywhere and everywhere, so I wanted to get out there and find it.

Also, I wanted to showcase my beloved city of Chicago that I now call home. I have been so fortunate to be born in the Philippines to a Indian/Filipino heritage, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, have traveled to different parts of the world as an impressionable teenager, and now living in Chicago (now the burbs).

My love for food is just a natural part of me and I want to show off what an amazing city Chicago has to offer, not only in the dining scene but also showcase it’s fantastic community of food artisans and farmers, as well as food advocates and food lovers.

I hope you tune and share it with your family and friends! Cheers!

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