Momma Cuisine Takes the @Bing It On Challenge

Momma Cuisine was a VIP guest of Bing for the Bing It On Challenge in Chicago.

When thinking of search engines, the first word that comes to mind for many internet users is usually Google. Google has been dominating the search engine wars and Microsoft’s Bing wants a piece of that pie.

Bing invited me, with a few technology and social media influencers to learn more about Bing and all of Microsoft’s latest products. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after taking the Bing It On Challenge, blind side-by-side test, that I preferred four out five of my searches from Bing.

Bing seemed to have more information given with the search term, with a layout that’s easy on the eyes while giving a more robust answer to your search inquiries with articles, websites and videos all on the first page. Plus, Microsoft’s latest products, like the Surface and new Windows Phone seem like great gadgets and tools for a mom on the go, like myself. I’m very interested on how it would fit in and even replace some of my current gadgets and how it can help me be better as Momma Cuisine!

Watch this video from WGN News and my interview with features reporter, Marcus Leshock.

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