Moms Everywhere Will Love This Video

This viral video created by Los Angeles based filmmaker Matt Bieler of 3 Queens highlights all that us moms do day in and day out. We are often tired, over-worked, stressed and worried about the constant work and struggles of raising a family and maintaining a home and career. Yet, in this video you will see that those same mundane daily tasks are the ones that make mothers heroes to their children and spouses.  This video tremendously touched my heart and my soul.

It’s in the everyday, in the daily tasks, that we as mothers sometimes become overwhelmed and even more times underwhelmed. We yearn for more. We yearn to have more for ourselves, a career, a business, a social life. But it is so wonderful to be reminded that it is in the everyday ins and outs of life, the everyday decisions, the simple and sometimes even annoying everyday tasks that we are able to show love and passion for our children, to our children. The everyday routines of life is what builds and becomes what we create to become a full and wonderful life, and hopefully impact our children to become loving, caring, responsible adults that give their best to others.

The everyday means so much to me. Momma Cuisine – Great Everyday Meals. It is the tagline of my brand. I truly believe that people can live the best lives in their everyday. There need not to be a special occasion to be your best, to cook your best, to follow your dreams, to live the best life you can. Why wait? Do it, EVERYDAY!

In my life and in what I hope to share in my talents and company, Momma Cuisine,  is to show and share with people how to make their everyday great, starting with their meals. :-)