Double the recipes then vacuum seal and freeze

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There is nothing more stressful at the end of a long day than rummaging through the fridge and pantry, trying to figure out what to make for a house full of hungry, cranky people! 

One thing I have learned over the years is to make double batches of meals to freeze for future dinners. One day, when the day comes that me and the family are rushed for dinner, all I have to do is take out the frozen meal, pop it in the oven and we have full meal ready. No chopping, no mess, no running to the grocery store -- just a delicious homemade dinner! 

The beauty of having a Ziploc® Vacuum Sealer is I get to keep the meals without freezer burn, it lasts longer and remains fresher. Putting in a little effort in the beginning is worth it!

Here are some great tips and meals that are perfect to freeze:

Cookie Sheets

The key to freezing food without them freezing into a huge block of ice is freezing the individual ingredients on it's own first. Taking a cookie sheet, you can lay out a variety of fruits or veggies and freeze them so that they are not clumped together. Then vacuum seal them together with your choice of proteins and frozen broth cubes and you've got a great stove top meal. 


Lasagna has long been a great frozen meal. The real reason why I like to make it on my own instead of store-bought lasagna is that I can make mine just the way my kids like and without all the preservatives of typical grocery store frozen lasagna. Plus, lasagna is a great meal to feed unexpected guests! I always have at least one pan on hand in the freezer because we eat it so often!


This is when the cookie sheet tricks works so well. I make homemade meatballs, freeze them on a cookie sheet, then vacuum seal them adding different veggies and sauces for a variety of delicious dinners. 

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches are perfect for busy mornings when the kids wake up late and even as after school snacks. Assemble your favorite kinds like ham and cheese, sausage and egg and vacuum seal in individual packets so the family can help themselves. And they don't have to be just breakfast sandwiches! Try vacuum sealing roast beef and mozzarella, turkey and Swiss, or rotisserie chicken and pesto for hot sandwiches that are perfect on the go or for after school. 

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