Body Toning Foods You'll Actually Want To Eat

Getting in shape is about building more lean muscle. But coaxing your body into actually doing that feels like a constant challenge. No matter how much you tinker with your routine, you can’t seem to get the formula right. 

In this post, therefore, we take a look at some body-toning foods that you’ll actually want to eat. Read on to find out more. 

Greek Yoghurt

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Greek yoghurt is one of the best inventions of mankind. Not only is it delicious when paired with fruits or savory dishes, it is also exceptionally good for toning up your body. 

It works by changing your gut flora. When bacteria in the yoghurt get down to your colon, they start multiplying. As they do, they churn out beneficial compounds that support your health. Over time, you feel stronger, fitter and leaner than you ever did before. 

Greek yoghurt also contains slow-digesting proteins. So eating this food also gives your body a long burn too, releasing the raw materials it needs to recover from exercise over time. 


If you’re a big seafood lover, then you’ll want to pack your plate with plenty of shrimp. Why? It turns out that shrimp is exceptionally high in protein and one of the best ways for you to give your body all of the minerals that it needs. Shrimp, for instance, is high in vitamin K, phosphorus and iron.

Cottage Cheese

Hundreds of fitness articles recommend that people looking to tone up eat cottage cheese. But why? 

It turns out that cottage cheese is a great way to add extra calories to the diet. This strange, gloopy-looking cheese is actually quite close to how cheese looks when it is first forming. This way, you avoid the heaviness of hard cheese and get something that you can use all day long. 


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Building lean muscle also requires getting plenty of fiber too. That’s where quinoa could help. This incredible grain-like seed originally from South America, contains lots of protein - about 40 grams per cup. So you don’t even have to eat mountains of meat to get the protein you need in your diet. This carb-rich food gives you alternatives. 


The same is true of chickpeas, a real powerhouse food that’s easy to make into delicious recipes. 

Chickpeas contain a massive 36 grams of protein per cup. And they contain a high level of leucine, which is critical for anyone looking to build lean muscle. 

You can roast chickpeas to make chickpea popcorn, put them in a stew and make them into delicious, homemade hummus. 


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Tofu gets a bad rap, but if you buy it from the right brand, it can be totally delicious. It’s made from soy and is an important meat substitute. But it also contains a lot of calcium and is widely considered to be the best plant protein available - at least for muscle-building purposes. Soy-based foods are excellent options for vegetarians and vegans who want to try something a little different from regular old-fashioned beans.

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