Encourage Active Adventuring In Your Kids

It's pretty common knowledge that the modern world has changed drastically from when we were children ourselves, to how our children experience the world now. Kids seem to grow up so fast - you would be amazed at the amount of children under six years old who are already technologically savvy, and this is a figure that only looks set to rise. This can have some obvious advantages - after all, it pays to have a strong knowledge of technology to get ahead at work, and the sooner your kids develop this the better. However, technology can also have some detrimental effects on their social skills, their health, and their overall childhood experience. When you were a child, it's fairly likely that you used to play out in the street after school, whereas nowadays, kids are more likely to sit in front of a games console for hours in their free time. This can mean they end up becoming quite dependent on technology, and don't understand how to have fun without it. Here are a few ways you can encourage your children to entertain themselves in a more active and authentic way. 

Provide an outdoor playset 

You don't need acres and acres of space for your children to enjoy themselves in - nine times out of ten, your backyard will usually suffice! If they appear lackluster at the suggestion of a bat and ball, why not invest in an outdoor playset instead? The diversity of these structures really is something to behold, as you can see from Many are modeled on classic playset designs, featuring swings and slides, but there are also many more innovative options too. For example, some include rock climbing walls, climbing ropes, and tire swings too. One thing is for sure; once one of these arrives in your garden, you'll struggle to get your kids off it!

Arrange a treasure hunt 

Many parents these days are reluctant to let their kids run amok in the neighborhood due to all the scary news reports we tend to see on the TV. But providing they are supervised, and you know all your neighbors fairly well, there's no reason why they can't go and enjoy themselves the way you once did yourself. Get your street together and organize a fun treasure hunt for the kids during the school vacation - it's a great way to keep them out of your hair!

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Teach them a sport 

Taking the time to teach your child a sport can be incredibly rewarding, and it doesn't have to be expensive either. Family badminton sets are relatively inexpensive, and the game is pretty easy to pick up. Or, you could teach them how to ride a bike, which can give them a whole new sense of freedom and could spark the first of many family bike rides - a great way to bond with your kids! There's no harm in video games, but try and encourage your kids to spend time away from the screen too.

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