How To Begin A Living Room Remodel

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Often called a lounge or a drawing-room, a living room is a space ideally meant for relaxing and socializing with family members and guests. However, remodeling a living room can be expensive. But with a living room renovation, the look of the space can perfectly match your tastes. The wall color, flooring, ceiling, lighting, accessories, furniture: every inch of your living room can speak directly to you and make you feel entirely at home.That being said, the right budget living room remodel ideas will help you get the most of your home improvement project. “Why remodel your living room?” you might be asking. There are several reasons why you should consider working around the existing layout and structure of your living room. Realistically, the living room is where most people spend their free time in order to lay back, relax, watch some TV, or spend quality time with family or friends. It is also arguably the most versatile area of the home, so it can easily be decorated to suit your unique personality and impress guests when they come to visit you. 

This is no surprise to any homeowner, however, as living room renovations have been a popularized project among many individuals willing to spend a hefty amount of money on this particular area of their dwelling (even though it doesn’t have to cost that much through the right budgeting methods). But finding the best ways to go about your renovation project, or achieve the incredibly beautiful interior design inspiration with Canadian flooring you find on Pinterest, can be hard. Therefore, to help you with this, here are some of the best budget-friendly living room remodeling ideas that are bound to leave you and your guests and family impressed with all your hard work.

Choose the Perfect Color Palette

When choosing an appropriate color palette for your living room, it is never a bad idea to go for neutral colors, as they typically create a calm and inviting atmosphere that influences your mood when you are in this particular space. It is recommended that you opt for beiges, ivories, taupes, blacks, grays and shades of white – all these neutral shades will then allow you to add bold elements to your room and highlight any furnishings and textures you wish to make your ‘statement’ pieces. Moreover, these shades are consistent with any season and any interior design style, whether it be modern, vintage, eclectic, and traditional. Interior painting is usually one of those no-brainer ROI projects, because the cost of tools and materials is so incredibly low (unlike maintaining your basement, for instance) you’re sure to save up for an easy, cost-effective renovation that will last a lifetime. 

Expand Your Space

The purpose of the living room is to provide the whole family (or just simply yourself) with a place to relax, converse, and entertain themselves. And yet, sometimes, it can end up being one of the smallest spaces in the house. Though a small living room almost seems unjust, many houses contain them and leave their residents feeling especially cramped. But with the help of a professional living room renovation company it can be stretched out to become a full-grown living space. 

If you go through with your living room renovation project and hire trained design experts, you can expand your space in a variety of ways. For instance, they can remove walls in order to steal space from other areas of the house, such as unused closets, defined entryways, or extra roomy offices. Specifically, they can connect the living room, dining room, and kitchen to give you the open concept you crave. They can also add walls to a porch, patio, or sunroom, depending on your preferences. On the other hand, if this sounds like too much work, you can also create the illusion of extra space in your living room and save on overall remodeling costs. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make your ceilings white

  • Purchase a larger area rug that spreads out close to the walls

  • Mount any shelves you own high, nearer to the ceiling in order to pull the eye upward

  • Ensure any storage units you own are hung or placed close to the wall in order to avoid clutter which makes your space feel and look claustrophobic

  • A statement piece used as a focal point makes the room feel larger and aesthetically fuller and put-together

Rearrange Your Furniture

The furniture in your living room determines your personality and is a crucial tool that promotes conversations and interactions between you and your guests and/or family. Typically, this room demands plenty of sitting arrangement with at least one comfortable, larger sofa and a couple of arm chairs that is dependent on how much space you have available. It is important to not accumulate too much clutter in this space as it can get very claustrophobic very easily, so ensure to look at some DIY housekeeping tips if you struggle with this particularly, in order to avoid excess dirt and mess in this communal area. Whether your living room has expensive furniture or not, you’ll have to look at revamping them once in a while, reworking the upholstery part to supplement its overall appearance. You can even paint the frame with various hues to complement the look of your space – get as creative as you like!

Improve the Lighting

You can improve the lighting in your living room by installing more windows if you are particularly fond of natural light. This is an option which allows you to save energy and, in turn, money, by decreasing the need for electric light bulbs around your house. 

Or, alternatively if you are financially able to, invest in high-quality lights such as layered lighting which can serve a variety of moods. For example, soft ambient lighting, elegant accent lighting, and high-quality task lighting all create visually comfortable environments and balanced living areas. Depending on what you get up to in your living room – working from home, hanging up attractive pieces of art, reading books – every different type of light can accommodate your needs and highlight your space for the comfort you require. 

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