How To Build Your Smoothie #MommasTips

There are thousands of smoothie recipes and the combinations for delicious smoothies are endless. The key is to follow these simple tips on how to build a smoothie so that no matter what flavor combinations you choose, you always end up with a delicious smoothie for you and your family. Below are other key tips to make the perfect smoothie recipe!


Blueberry Green Tea Matcha Smoothie

Nutella Banana Smoothie

More smoothie tips:

  • Liquid ratio – The worst is making a smoothie that ends up to be a thick glob, instead of a delicious smooth drink. I found that having at least one cup to 1 1/2 cups of liquid, no matter what you choose, helps to bring you a nice consistency for your smoothie.
  • Blender – There are many blenders out there, but a high-powered blender is what you need to get a smoothie that is drinkable instead of a chunky mess of greens, nuts, and fruits. Make sure you blend each smoothie long enough for all the seeds, skins, leaves, and nuts to be broken down to a drinkable consistency.

What smoothie tips do you have to share that I haven’t covered? Share it with me!

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