How To Keep Your Kitchen And Home Feeling Fresh And Organized

Juggling work, parenthood, and house cleaning can be mind-boggling.

Often, these tasks may appear unmanageable; however, there are a few pointers that you can keep in mind to help get your life and house in order.

This guide will give you some quick tips on keeping your house clean. 

6 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen And Home Fresh And Organised

1. Break the Cleaning into Small Chunks

Most people agree that kitchen cleaning is a very time-consuming task. However, they’re not if you want to have a clean and neat space. In short, you must put in the necessary work to achieve the desired results.

And that doesn’t mean you break your back to have a sparkling kitchen; there are a few ways you can make the cleaning process manageable.

Break down the cleaning and whenever possible, delegate some tasks to avoid getting overwhelmed by the workload. 

For example, while you’re cooking, simultaneously clean the utensils, clean the counter and put the spices at the designated place. 

By making this a habit, you’ll have more time in the evening for activities you love. If you want help doing away with any accumulated rubbish in your home, 1300 rubbish is the best solution. 

2. Put Away Every Used Item

While this tip may seem obvious, untidiness comes when your items aren’t in the right places. As you go from room to room, ensure everything is in its correct spot.

Go the extra mile to ensure that anything you use, move, or wear is correctly placed. We all have lazy days where we might leave a shoe or some clothes piled up somewhere. However, always remember that huge messes start with small piles. 

If you don’t have enough space, consider some DIY closet arrangement hacks, such as shower curtain hooks or tension rods. You can also use over-the-door organisers to extend existing spaces in your bathrooms, hall closets, or bedrooms. 

For your smaller belongings, you can corral them with embellishing baskets. You can also use a mail sorter to organise your paper items. Remember that it's much easier to put back your items where they belong instead of rummaging through piles trying to find something essential. 

3. Get Everyone Involved in the Cleaning Process  

Most of us are guilty of being control freaks—we basically want to do everything by ourselves. However, it's much easier to delegate manageable cleaning tasks to your children. The positive side of doing this is that you also spend time working with your children.

Begin by ensuring your children clean up after themselves, polishing their rooms, clearing out dishes and putting them in the dishwasher, putting their shoes away when they enter the house, etc. You can add in more chores as you deem necessary. 

These simple things can make a huge difference to the general tidiness of your home if you do them frequently. It’s fascinating how these regular practices can bring about change.

You’ll have to follow up on your kids often in the first few weeks, then as time goes by, they'll develop a habit with practice, and eventually, the tasks will be done with minimal supervision. 

4. Make Sure You Have a “Seasonal” Drawer 

In the same way, you change out winter and summer outfits in your wardrobe; you can put a drawer in your pantry or kitchen for winter and summer equipment. You can try Shake design. 

You can also fill the drawer with an ice cream maker, popsicle moulds, and picnic supplies during summertime.

In the winter and fall, you could include other items in your drawer, like cookie cutters, holiday serving pieces, and cooking equipment for thanksgiving, such as a turkey platter and gravy separator.

Place the off-season items inside a plastic bin, then keep them in a closet or an attic, exchanging them seasonally. 

5. Style Your Couch

A living room can be squeaky clean with polished windows, dusted shelves, and freshly washed floors. 

However, it may still look disorganised if you place your throw pillows in a manner that makes them look crumbled in the corners of the sofa, with other items like blankets dropping on the floor. 

Fortunately, the opposite is also true.

Take a few minutes to fluff the pillows, arrange them neatly, throw a blanket over the coach’s arm, and tidy up the coffee table to give your living room a neat appearance.

6. Keep Your Cleaning Items Close 

You need to stock your bathrooms with essential cleaning products—polishing and microfiber cloths, a  spray bottle containing vinegar and water, a multi-purpose cleaner, and a toilet brush. 

When you have all these items in place, you’ll have an easy time giving your washroom a quick swipe or wiping the toothpaste spit from your mirror rather than going through the hassle of looking for the cleaning supplies.

These simple practices take one or two minutes and drastically reduce the number of times you have to carry out an extensive cleanup.

Be Committed and Stay Consistent With Cleaning

One of the many mysteries of life is figuring out how to maintain a tidy house. You can create excellent cleaning habits that keep your home neat all year round with some effort. 

You can also try and commit to allocating a  small amount of time daily to the tasks above. This will help you escape the lengthy, nerve-racking cleaning sessions and give you a better feeling as a result of the discipline and consistency to follow through.

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