Why Say Yes to a Family Dog

Are you planning to get a dog? You wouldn't be the first and you definitely won't be the last because dogs are man's best friend for a very good reason. Whether it's a Labrador or poodle, a Chihuahua or a Husky, dogs will shower us with their unconditional love because they love us. We love dogs for the way they run, the way they jump, the way they come for us when we feel low. We've never heard of a dog that doesn't enjoy cuddles and affection, which is why all of us begged our parents to get a puppy when we were children. 

Those of us who didn't get pets as a child still wish they could have a dog even now. The thing is, it's a big decision. It's not until you're an adult that you realize your parents were hesitant for a very good reason. Bringing a dog into your life is not an easy or a light decision that you should be making. A dog takes up your time, your money, your space and your energy. If you are not adequately prepared, that dog is not going to thrive in your home and none of you are going to be happy. 

It's never too late to fulfill your dreams and learn where to put your dog crate in preparation for your new pup. It's also never too late to tell the children you are happy to finally get a family pet. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not you should get a pet, take a look at the reasons you should absolutely get a dog and finally include one in your family.


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  • They will lift your mood. Dogs have the uncanny ability to be able to sense when we are feeling happy and when we are feeling sad.  They hold on and they will tuck in right beside us just to be able to comfort us. Whether you've had a long day at work or you're having issues with somebody in your life, a dog will curl up beside you and share their warmth. Did you know that scientifically speaking, a dog will make your brain release dopamine and serotonin? These are both neurotransmitters of joy and peace, and next time you feel sad or lazy, your dog will be there for you.

  • They are man's best friends. This is kind of a tagline but it's also true. Companionship is so important to us, but it's also important to dogs. All they want to do is jump around us and make us happy, and they will never leave us outside even in the hardest of times. Dogs always value the affection of their owners, and it can help to curb depression and loneliness if you have a happy dog at home. People are more happy to live with their dogs than they also live with a human, as dogs can display the values of a true friend! Dogs don't judge, and dogs don't make you feel bad for your actions or misdeeds. They give you their warmth, they give you their friendship, and all they want to do is be beside you.

  • Dogs will make you laugh. It's not all just about puppy training and finding the right food, because dogs are there to help you to lift your mood and make you laugh. Sometimes dogs can never miss out on the opportunity, which is why we spend time watching funny dog videos and we still don't get bored! Did you know that people who own dogs are more likely to laugh than other people? It's not a hidden fact that laughter can improve our health and when you have a dog lolling around and doing silly things, you just can't help but laugh!

  • They are a strength for your children. Family patterns have changed, and if you have one child, having a dog is a companion for that child. If you have multiple children, a dog is going to be a friend to all and be so happy to just be involved and playful with everybody. Dogs are a strength for children especially those who are nonverbal, suffer with anxiety, or have other issues that they just need to cuddle someone near them. Those who are depressed will draw strength from a dog, because dogs are consistently upbeat and happy. It's impossible to be in a bad mood when you are around 1!

  • Dogs can help to invoke emotions in us. Did you know that dogs can hold your emotions? Love, happiness, joy, all of these emotions can be brought to you from your dog. As we grow, we tend to keep our emotions hidden, but dogs will pick up on them. Those UN processed and undeveloped emotions still come to the surface, and dogs can help us to overcome this by allowing us space and time to develop our emotions properly. They help us to grow as emotional beings.

Image source: Pexels

  • Dogs can help with your fitness. Do you have to take the dog out for a walk twice a day? Question mark absolutely. Taking your puppy out to go and play, go on a run, head to the beach and even play frisbee is in your best interest. Dog owners are much more active than those who do not own one, so it’s a great idea if you are hoping to get fitter than a dog is a great idea in your family.

  • They give you and your children the chance to be more responsible. Children are always the ones we want to be in charge of taking care of a new puppy, and it's such a good thing for them to learn from a young age. Always do some decent research on the breeze to see which ones are good for being around your children, but if you want them to take more responsibility than getting a dog is a great idea. It's a challenging combination, but it's a great one to watch grow together. Responsibility is a prerequisite for your children to be successful and if they can show loyalty and compassion to an animal then that will translate to their friends and the rest of the people in their lives.

  • They are super good for your blood pressure. Did you know that dogs can make us feel common after lower blood pressures? Dog owners often have much lower blood pressure than usual, but this is due to the increase in exercise because you have a dog. It may surprise you to learn that blood pressure actually has a big effect on our well being, so the next time you're feeling stressed or you need time to just relax, leash your dog and head out into the world.

  • They can really boost your confidence. Did you know your dog is going to help you bump your confidence and self-esteem? They can help you to feel like you’re handling life in a much better way. They have a sense of confidence that helps you to thrive in life – which ultimately makes you a much better person!


A dog is an asset to a family and you can have one if you are responsible enough for it. Taking your time to find the right one is important so don’t rush this decision and make a point of getting the entire family involved in it!


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