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Video: Easy Lumpia Recipe (Philippine-Style Egg Rolls) | In The Kitch with Momma Cuisine

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Lumpia is one, if not THE most popular and loved food coming from the Philippines. Crispy wrapper with a delicious filling of combined ground or minced meats with vegetables is our version of egg rolls and her is my recipe that I always make at home!! Try making your lumpia...

Great Everyday Meals Magazine Jan-March 2016 Issue @GEMFoodMag

Read the latest issue of our digital food magazine, Great Everyday Meals Magazine featuring Christine Kirk of and Betty-Ann Quirino or

Great hearty meals with @Johnsonville Naturals Sausages on @WCIU You & Me This Morning

Entertaining/Holidays, Kid-friendly
Great hearty meals with Johnsonville Naturals Sausages Momma Cuisine visit You & Me This Morning talk show this month to share her delicious recipes teaming up with Johnsonville Naturals. Simple recipes can be elegant and affordable too! Check out the links to the recipes below. Johnsonville Naturals is a newest line...

Honey Yoghurt Olive Oil Cake with @NoosaYoghurt

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I teamed up with noosa yoghurt to bring to you this delicious recipe for Honey Yoghurt Olive Oil Cake that is oh-so-yummy! It is the perfect treat to make for family and friends this holiday. Visit the Momma Cuisine Facebook page too see the fab photos and PIN THEM in Pinterest!...

Italian Sausage & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers with @Johnsonville Naturals

Entertaining/Holidays, Entertaining/Holidays, Pork, Baked/Roasted, Slow cooker
Italian Sausage & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers with Johnsonville Naturals (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Stuffed peppers is a classic recipe and the stuffing can very in every which way! I am working with Johnsonville Naturals to share this great new product from Johnsonville Sausages and share some great everyday meals recipes that...

Recipe: @Johnsonville Brats with Creamy Sriracha Carrot Slaw

Entertaining/Holidays, Entertaining/Holidays, Grilled, Kid-friendly
Johnsonville Brats with Creamy Sriracha Carrot SlawIt's football season and brats are the perfect tailgating and game day party food. This recipe takes delicious Johnsonville Naturals brats and tops it with Creamy Sriracha Carrot Slaw. Take your game day brats to a whole new level with this recipe! I love...

Breakfast Fried Rice with @Johnsonville

Breakfast Fried Rice with Johnsonville I am the Fried Rice Queen! I started making fried rice when I was about 7-8 years old and I tell you, you can make fried rice out of anything. This recipe for Breakfast Fried Rice puts your entire breakfast into one bite and even...

{Video} Kids Cook: Gluten Free Pizza Puffs via @Kenmore

Entertaining/Holidays, Kid-friendly
Pizza puffs are a delicious classic favorite of many but usually so unhealthy for you! This version from Kenmore is gluten free and baked pizza puffs that you will be proud to serve your kids. Turn to page 32 of GEM Food Mag to watch the video recipe. Kenmore is...

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Unique National Eat A Sweet Potato Day Recipes

Vegetarian, Kid-friendly, Entertaining/Holidays
Momma Cuisine, Johanna M. Cook visits WCIU You and Me This Morning talk show in Chicago to share her sweet potato recipes just in time for National Eat A Sweet Potato Day. See the full recipe for Sweet Potato and Cheese Rangoons.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Sweet Potato and Cheese Rangoons

Vegetarian, Kid-friendly, Entertaining/Holidays
Sweet potatoes are so underrated. More than just being mashed and made into fries and chips, sweet potatoes are versatile and can replace a regular potato in almost any recipe. The natural sweetness in sweet potatoes also make savory dishes more complex with contrast in flavors.  Me and my kids...

Rotisserie Chicken Pho

Poultry, Kid-friendly, Entertaining/Holidays, Slow cooker
Rotisserie chicken has always and will always be a staple in my house. There are so many ways to turn this delicious store-bought chicken into various meals.  One thing me and my family always crave is pho. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup made with rice noodles, fresh basil, various...

February is Hot Breakfast Month + Tofu Scramble Recipe

Vegetarian, Kid-friendly, 30 minutes or less
There are few things I enjoy more than giving my 6-year-old-son Mateo a healthy, filling breakfast before school. I aim to provide him with the calories he needs in order to sustain the energy levels of a growing boy. I must admit that I also eat breakfast in the morning...

10 Best Dutch and German Pancake Recipes for 2017

Kid-friendly, Baked/Roasted, Entertaining/Holidays, Desserts
When you are bored of the usual pancake routine or when you are in a terrible rush and still need to feed a crowd, these easy pancake recipes come to a rescue. They will redefine the whole process of cooking pancakes, allowing for a minimum mess and much less effort....

The Most Flavorful Spicy Chipotle Egg & Avocado Salad Toast

Vegetarian, Salads, Entertaining/Holidays, Kid-friendly, 30 minutes or less
Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions and recipes are original to Momma Cuisine.Save 20% off Hellmann's Organic Mayonnaise from Target's Carwheel AppMomma Cuisine is always about making Great Everyday Meals with simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques. The key is to make everyday food simply, affordably and elegantly. And...

The Juiciest Roasted Blood Orange Chicken with Amish Butter

Poultry, Kid-friendly, Entertaining/Holidays, Baked/Roasted
Chicken dinners can be made a million different ways. Blood oranges have such a beautiful red hue that pops out in any food presentation and has a delicious flavor. I found tons of blood oranges and Meyer lemons at the market and had to roast chicken!  Herbs, garlic and citrus...

Garlicky Johnsonville Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Pork, Kid-friendly, Entertaining/Holidays, Baked/Roasted
So, I was finally on a reality cooking competition show. For so many years friends, family and fans have continually asked me to join a TV cooking competition and I was always so scared to do it...until I got the call from Johnsonville. The Johnsonville Sausage Dome is a 4-part cooking...

Vegan Spicy Baja Dip and More Game Day Treats

Entertaining/Holidays, Kid-friendly, 30 minutes or less, Baked/Roasted
Sponsored post by Mirum ShopperFootball is one my family’s favorite sport—at our house, game days are practically holidays, especially because my daughter and my dad's birthdays fall close to the big game! And like every great holiday, food is the best way to celebrate. Because with a team like mine,...

BLT Sushi

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Sushi is good, but did you know it's also the perfect lunchbox meal? This BLT sushi is perfect for on-the-go and easy for kids' little fingers to pick up. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); BLT Sushi

5 Mediterranean Inspired Salads to Start The New Year with Wild Garden

Vegetarian, Salads, 30 minutes or less, Entertaining/Holidays, Video recipes
New Year, New You with Wild Garden It’s 2017, which means it’s officially time to look your resolutions right in the face! In all honesty, our favorite resolutions have very little to do with changing something about yourself (ex: losing weight), but rather doing something for yourself or someone else. This can...

Elegant Potato Recipes For Your Holiday Meal

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The main dishes are usually the stars of the holiday dinner table. But the side dishes make a complete meal and complement our holiday ham, your Christmas prime rib or Hannukah roast.  Idaho Potatoes shares their recipes to make your holiday meals something to remember.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});